Customer Experience


Our Method

For 30 years we have been carrying out qualitative survey incognito to give you data and insights to achieve excellence in the customer experience of your Company.

We have performed Mystery Client surveys in luxury hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, wellness centers, in physical and online retail.

Our service is suitable for those who are focused on satisfying the customer and improving their experience.

We operate in Italy and in the rest of Europe with a team of assessors able to identify the main critical issues that risk compromising the identity of your Company and the reputation of your brand. We create detailed reports on the facility, staff and customer experience and are able to provide customized services based on the client’s needs and goals. A satisfied customer is the first ambassador of your business and his word of mouth is a very powerful and essential lever for your success.

Recent projects

For one of the most iconic 5-star hotels in the world, we have evaluated the customer’s customer journey. Our action started from the analysis of the online reputation and then focused on the evaluation of the hotel’s customer experience: from the request for information both via email and telephone, to the management of the booking. Then we have evaluated the level of service provided to the hotel’s guests with a focus on some restaurants and services for the hotel guests (spa, bars, swimming pools and entertainment).

A constant monitoring activity that has led to a significant improvement in the hotel’s performance, fundamental to achieving excellence in the relationship with its customers.

Analysis of the relationship with the customer in single-brand clothing, home furnishings and cosmetics stores with target mystery clients which made it possible to identify the company’s oases of excellence and the aspects on which to improve with particular attention to increasing sales, both in terms of upselling and cross-selling.

Our activity allowed our client to activate a training course aimed at its sales staff to improve their weak points.

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