Mystery Shopping


Improving Customer Experience Since 1993

Why is Customer Experience Crucial for Your Success?

In an increasingly competitive market, customer experience is the key factor that distinguishes successful companies and ensures effective market positioning. Satisfied customers not only return but also become excellent ambassadors, generating positive word-of-mouth and good reviews. But how can you ensure that your customers have an experience that meet their expectations? How can a company identify and address potential issues in its service? The answer is Mystery Shopping.


What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a market research technique where qualified professionals pose as customers to evaluate the experience firsthand. Our Mystery Shoppers analyze every aspect of the interaction, from the first impression to the effectiveness of the sales staff, including post-sales support, providing you with detailed and objective feedback.


Why Choose Plus Insight?

– Extensive Experience: We have been in the Mystery Shopping industry since 1993, with deep knowledge in various sectors including apparel, furniture, footwear, cosmetics, electronics, large-scale retail, hotels, luxury, amusement parks, restaurants, and sports.

– Qualified Professionals: Our Mystery Shoppers are experts in your target customer base and are personally trained by our senior consultants to evaluate every detail of the customer experience with a critical and impartial eye. We do not outsource the selection and training of our analysts to online platforms that aim to cut costs at the expense of quality; instead, we rely solely on our team members with thirty years of experience.

– Customized Methodology: We design the research by analyzing your specific needs and create tailored Mystery Shopping plans for you and your goals, defining the scenario, the questionnaire, and all the aspects to observe together.

– Detailed and Concrete Reports: We quickly provide clear and understandable visit reports for easy data interpretation, useful for sharing with your team, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, with concrete suggestions to optimize your customer experience.

– Measurable Results: With our summary reports available through dedicated cloud access, even from mobile devices, we help you monitor the impact of your corrective actions and measure the improvement in your customer experience over time. We support our clients in defining and implementing the action plan following the analysis when requested.


Our Mystery Shopping Services:

– In-Store Mystery Shopping: Evaluation of the welcome, staff competence, product display, and sales process efficiency.

– Online Mystery Shopping: Analysis of the website usability, information clarity, navigation ease, and checkout process.

– Mystery Calling: Evaluation of the quality of telephone customer service, operator courtesy, response speed, and problem-solving ability.

– Mystery Email/Chat: Analysis of the timeliness and quality of responses to emails and chats, operator courtesy, and their ability to provide useful information.

Recent projects

– Customer Relationship Analysis: Conducted in monobrand stores of apparel, home furnishings, and cosmetics with targeted mystery clients, identifying areas of excellence and aspects to improve, focusing on increasing sales through upselling and cross-selling. Our intervention enabled our client to initiate targeted training for their sales staff to improve weak points.

– Customer Experience Analysis in High-End Apparel Boutiques: Using mystery shoppers simulating the purchase experience, including trying on clothes, to identify the company’s relationship issues with its customers, aimed at improving their sales assistants’ performance.


Want to Improve Your Company’s Customer Experience?

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